Recommended Korean Song 8/10 [Duet Song Festival Ver.]

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it took 3 months to prepare and post thisㅜㅜ  i’ve been busy with my school stuff. it’s 8th post about recommended korean songs. I decided to finish this themed-post in 10th post. There are 8 recommended songs in this post, hope you like the song list ^^

Let’s go~~

song:Taeyang – Eyes Nose Lips


this perfomance is really great, he never sing like that, his partner is great too ㅋㅋㅋ. i love the way he sing, i love their vocal-harmony, he rarely sing like that, honestly i’m not going to see their performance because his partner is a girl, but when i realized he sings like that, i’m suddenly like his performance. his high note too, i love it❤️❤️


song:Ben – Like a Dream (Ost Oh Haeyoung Again)


although his age old enough (to me), but his voice is not! his voice sounds younger than his age. “Age is Just Number” that statement it’s true, you can chechk it if you still don’t believe it. his voice sounds so sweet too especially, this performance and his voice suits-well with his partner’s voice. i love the damn performance❤️❤️


song: g.o.d – road


hm… this is the first couple of duet song festival that appear in my mind if i think about duet song festival. All performs of Sandeul is great, but when they sing “Road”, i think this is the best one. i love when Sandeul do the rap part, it’s awesome. And the last awesome thing is the english-translate of this song. The lyrics give me so many energy. it will heal your feeling, i got healed from this song.


song; Baek JiYoung – Don’t Forget Me


It just perfect! the climax part of this performance. I love it❤️. His partner’s behind story, it’s really touch me, he just want to his parents always remember him, likes the song title “Don’t Forget Me” (fyi: his partner is lives with his grandma) if i can cry, maybe i will cry, but i don’t ㅠㅠ. the climax part feels strangled. maybe it will make you hard to breathe for a minute, and when i got stress, usually i watch this performance and i can relieve my stress while scream, when this performance hit the climax.


song; Kim Johan – I want to fall in love


actually, (Ken’s real name) jaehwan’s voice is good but (Leo’s real name) taekwoon’s voice is better (for me, i prefer taekwoon oppa’s). but his partner’s voice makes me fall in love with this perform, his voice like dying-person (?), especially at the verse 2, when they do the vocal-harmony part. i really really like his partner voice❤️


song; 2NE1 – I don’t Care


this is the best non-ballad performance (for me). You have to see the chorus part especially, his partner gave the idea for the chorus part, musical genius . even Bada (the Diva, 1st Generation Idol) agree with his brilliant idea, regrettable they didn’t win that episodeㅠㅠ


song; The Classic- Magic Castle


this song is an old song. DBSK sing this song for their album. KCM has a big body(?) like Kim Jongkook, but his voice is beyond from my imagine, you have to watch their performance, although his appearance like that, but this performance will never make you disappointed. Their performance make me got goosebumps, my favorite part is the first chorus.


song; Jung Seunghwan – If It was You


this song was used for ost drama “Again Oh Haeyoung”. This is a popular song, you won’t believe if the original singer still 21 y.o. okay let’s skip this part ㅋㅋㅋ kyuhyun partner’s voice is very sharp(?) . you have to watch their vocal-harmony in the verse 2. i fell in love with their performance because of that part. 


-all photo belongs to MBC Ent.-

 see ya in the next post about recommended k-song 👄❤

if you have your favorite performance  from duet song festival, you can tell me yours in comment section ^^


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