Recommended Korean Song 6/10 [I Can See Your Voice ver.🎤]



hi dear~~ 

it’s been 3 month and i didn’t post anything, nor the new years greeting too, sorry for the late new years greeting, ㅋㅋㅋ i greet on the day 13 of 2017. so just check this list ^^

song: Park Hyoshin – Thing I Can’t Do For You

hmm… his voice like park hyoshin’s but he has really really low tone voice and i love it. at the first, i skipped John Park’s episode, but my friend said “Doctor in the john park’s episode is handsome and he has good-voice.” i’m so curious and finally i watch the John Prk’s episode. My friend’s word is correct. i love his voice❤️❤️, his look is good-looking too.

song: Jung In – I Hate You

his voice is….. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

at first, i do have feeling that he is a skilled. but his voice makes me surprised😖, especially when he hits the high note start at 01:22, his high note is powerful. his nickname is really really suits him.

song: Park Jinyoung – She was Pretty+ Wonder Girls – Tell Me

the first avengers was tone-deaf, i think this avengers is tone-deaf too, but it was reversal , i’m amazed by their voice, their vocal-harmony is really really clear. perfect. And the song suits their voice. i love she was pretty song the most.

song: g.o.d – Road

i think Im Jaebeom was sing with g.o.d, but it was another person who have voice like Im jaebeom. Not only his voice, but his appearance too, looks like Im Jaebeom’s doppelganger ㅋㅋㅋ

song: K.will – Dropping the Tears

in this episode k.will was the guest star. i have good feeling about this person. i thought that k.will was success. i feel happy too if k.will happy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ hmm… Cultwo Manager,… his voice is beyond my imagination, my imagination doesn’t say that his voice is like that.

song: g.o.d – Lie

i feel scared when i watch this perform, coz i can’t imagine if there is one person who is tone-deaf, luckily there is no one who is a tone-deaf. i feel happy, seriously ^^. i really really like g.o.d even though g.o.d is an ajeossi for me, but their song suits my favorite genre, their songlyrics  have deep meaning and i feel healed😊😊.



see ya in the next post about recommended k-song 👄❤

p.s: if you have an recommendation k-song you can tell me in the comment section ❤


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