juhyo’s bias ❤

안녕하세요 ^^

I’d like to introduce my bias ~
I’m Melody&Starlight 🎶🌟

First, my bias from BTOB:

Changsub (창섭)


Cr: leecs226.net

Mini Profile

Full Name: Lee Changsub (이창섭)
Stage Name: Changsub (창섭)
D.O.B: 26th February 1991
Blood type: O
Family: Father, Mother , younger sister.
Position: Vocal
Specialty: Drum, Piano
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/LeeCs_BTOB

-끝  End-

☆ he likes to sleep
☆he likes to drink coffee, especially ‘Americano’.
☆ he learns how to play drum from the age of 5

☆ he is a fan of Michael Jackson 


Cr: leecs226.net
Dorky boy ❤


Cr: 910226.com
Cutie Boy❤


Cr: leecs226.net
Lovely Boy❤


Cr: owner
Sleepy-head Boy❤

and now we move to VIXX :

Leo (레오)❤

Cr: jungtaekwoon.com

Mini Profile

Full Name: Jung Taekwoon (정택운)
Stage Name: Leo (레오)
D.O.B: 11st November 1990
Blood type: O
Family: Father,  Mother, 3 elder sisters
Position: Lead Vocal
Specialty: Piano

-끝  End-

★ he is a ‘Poker-face’ member. because he is an expressionless. but now he likes to express his feeling independently. (update 2016)
★ he likes to drink coffee, especially ‘Café Lattė ‘ 
★ he likes to play soccer. 
★ he likes to read a fashion magazine.


Leo with his childhood idol. Park Ji Sun😜😜


Cr: owner
Leo’s duck lips😗😗


Cr: owner
Leo’s sexy neck 😚😚


Cr: owner
Leo’s Back😜😜


See you in next absurd post :v

안녕히계세요 ^^


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